Sustainable Timber Sourcing & Exporting

Welcome to XOPA Timber, your trusted partner for ethically sourcing and exporting premium timber, including teak and black walnut, from Nicaragua to Europe.

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XOPA Timber services: A Harmony of Quality and Efficiency

Exceptional Timber Selection

We provide a range of top-tier timber products, encompassing black walnut, teak, mahogany, and other exotic tropical varieties.

Dedication to Sustainability

In collaboration with local communities, governments, and stakeholders, we ensure compliance with all relevant EUTR regulations, verifying the legal sourcing and harvesting of our timber.

Expert Service and Support

Our team of seasoned professionals stands ready to assist with orders, shipments, or inquiries. We guarantee competitive pricing and streamlined logistics for prompt delivery.

Streamlined Logistics Management

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and our strategic location in Panama, we expertly manage import and export processes for seamless transactions.

Building Blocks of a Responsible Future

We see trees as a remarkable resource, the building material of the future and the foundation for a sustainable and responsible industry.

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Why XOPA Timber

Experties, Connections and Efficiency

Boasting more than 10 years of experience in international trade and the timber industry, XOPA Timber is your reliable partner for eco-friendly, high-quality timber products. Our unrivaled connections to all certified plantations in Nicaragua ensure that our clients receive tailor-made timber products that align with their specifications.


Our rapid and efficient process, typically spanning just 8-12 weeks, gives us a competitive edge. You can rely on us to deliver your orders swiftly without compromising quality or sustainability.


Collaborating exclusively with top-tier wood processing plants in the country, we utilize the latest technology and equipment to craft outstanding timber products. Our robust relationships with local communities and government agencies enable us to effortlessly navigate regulatory landscapes, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free experience for our clients.


By choosing XOPA Timber, you can trust that you have a partner dedicated to your success, providing the expertise, connections, and agility necessary to offer the optimal timber trading solution for your requirements.

Embracing Sustainability

Our eco-friendly forests reside in Nicaragua, a nation with a rich heritage of conscientious forestry practices and an ideal climate for cultivating top-quality timber.

Multinational Team

Our team is composed of Nicaraguans and Europeans, offering a distinctive blend of local expertise and global insight that empowers us to proficiently navigate every aspect of the business.

Strategically Positioned for Trade

With our base in Panama, we effectively oversee the import and export processes of timber, guaranteeing prompt delivery and competitive pricing for our international clientele.

From Forest to Your Doorstep

We provide comprehensive services, managing wood harvesting, processing, and delivering finished products to meet client specifications.

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